Introducing StyleCaster: The Fashion World Will Never Be The Same

by Rachelle Hruska · November 13, 2008

    We've got the exclusive scoop on the newest site that is going to revolutionize fashion as we know it.  Introducing StyleCaster.  StyleCaster is the web's first integrated fashion chanel set to bring the online fashion experience into the future.  It will provide users with a personal style discovery platform using the latest technology to integrate the highest quality content, interactivity, and technology.  It's mission is to optimize the style experience, creating a unique user face for each individual to make getting dressed easier, shopping more engaging and finding information more efficient.

    We have meet with the founders, including Ari Goldberg at their offices in NY and have to say, we were impressed.  Today, the company is releasing their short film series starring fashion personalities like Jessica Joffe, Abigail Lorick, Gillian Hearst-Simonds, Annie Churchill, Catherine Fulmer, and Molly Watts.  The videos content is fully produced, written and edited in-house and will provide innovative new opportunities for established and emerging talents in fashion, music and film to tell their story and showcase their work.

    StyleCaster's private beta launch will begin soon, and the company is set to publicly launch in January.