Is This The End Of J.Crew?!

by Christie Grimm · June 6, 2017

    Just a few months following the still mysterious leave of J.Crew's creative director - the feted, famed, towering layer of clothing that is [supposed] human Jenna Lyons, it seems more shake ups are coming to the basics brand. Chief executive officer of the J.Crew Group, Mickey Drexler, will be exiting the company mid-July

    While he will stay on in the capacity of chairperson, Drexler will be replaced as CEO by James Brett, current president of the home store West Elm, having previously held leadership positions at Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie.

    Coming shortly on the heels of a bleak prophecy published by the NY Times, this restructuring moment is most definitely not the best of signs. Has the once dependable closet staple taken a turn for the worst? Well, while we may not be as apocalyptic as the Times, things certainly aren't looking too promising at the moment. But hey - can you imagine that going out of business sale!

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