Professional Man About Town Isaac Hindin-Miller has been charming the fashion scene long since before the start of his blog Isaac Likes back in 2008. A passion project born of his desire to share the articles that didn't quite work for the newspapers and magazines he was writing for (pesky editors), Isaac Likes became his very own fashion news channel. But little did he know, it'd also become a personal platform for positivity - and now, a must-have collection of smile-spreading swag!

"The blogosphere in those days was the home of the anonymous keyboard warrior," says Isaac, "if you had beef with somebody who was being written about, you'd go to town in the comments section and deliver a full-scale character assassination, then tick 'Anonymous' so nobody would know who you were. I hated that so much because even if I was writing the most positive article about someone, the moment I clicked publish, the haters would descend like vultures on a fresh killed carcass. 'I LIKE YOU!' became the last line of every blog post I'd write — it was my sign-off to end each article, but it was also one last gasp attempt at promoting positivity."

"When I began traveling to Milan, Paris and New York for the fashion weeks, most of my stories came from hanging around backstage at the shows; getting inside scoops from models and soaking up the chaotic environment as the designers put the finishing touches on their collections. One year I decided to make 'I LIKE YOU!' stickers with my blog URL on the bottom as a way of marketing my site — if I interviewed you, I'd give you a sticker to say this is where you can find the article. The reaction was far bigger than I expected. The models loved them, the designers loved them, and whenever I handed one out they'd put a smile on the receiver's face."

A message we could all stand to see a bit more of, Isaac's 'I LIKE YOU' stickers are now available for all, as is his cheeky matching collection of t-shirts, socks, key-tags, and soon-to-come hoodies. Click through for some snaps of Isaac's friends spreading the love, and don't forget to do your part to bring a little more like into the world!