Jane Fonda, Man Make-Up And Prayer??? Count Me In!

by DOUGLAS MARSHALL · April 28, 2008

    Russell Simons, Jane Rosenthal

    [Russell Simons and Jane Rosenthal at party for "Pray the Devil Back to Hell"]

    Count me in!! So, last Thursday night was kind of a big deal for me….I stopped by Chinatown Brasserie’s Koi Lounge to check out the L’Oreal party for Pray the Devil Back to Hell, as part of the Tribeca Film Festival activities sponsored by Snapple Antioxidant Water and Belvedere.

    I rolled passed the Koi pond and who did I spot: Jane Fonda!! I rushed past Russell Simmons and Donna Karan, to get a closer look at Jane. I couldn’t help myself, so I introduced myself to her – YES, it was a moment to behold. Out of all the amazing movies that she’s been in, I ended up complimenting her on Monster IN LAW!

    I almost lost sleep over the fact that I failed to come up with a better movie (you know, the ones in which she plays a prostitute to win the oscar-Klute), or even Coming Home, or Barbarella. Instead, I ended up telling her that whenever I’m in a bad mood I watch Monster In Law for laughs and also mentioned that my friend Aaron always quotes her from the movie by saying “My nerves are SHOT” when he is in distress. I do think she appreciated it, though.

    Speaking of appreciating, the real reason we were all there was to celebrate Gini Reticker’s emotionally gripping and inspiring documentary, Pray the Devil Back to Hell, highlighting the struggle of Liberian women to peacefully end the country’s second bloody civil war.

    Seeing as I am a beauty addict at heart, a big draw for getting me to this party was because it was thrown by L’Oreal - I was hoping for some good swag in the gift bag. Just my luck, THERE WAS a gift bag and it was filled with HIP (High Intensity Pigments) eye shadow duos and pure shadow sticks (which can be applied wet or dry). I RUSHED home and had a make-up party for one in front of the mirror and totally smoked out my eyes Edie Sedgwig style. Anyone who knows me from my past blogging knows that I’M NOT kidding!!!