Jay McInerney And Candace Bushnell Drink To The Past

by Chiara Atik · October 23, 2009

    [All photos by WILL RAGOZZINO for PMc]. Jay McInerney and and Euan Rellie threw a party at the Bespoke Lounge, in celebration of Assoline's new book, "Vintage Cocktails", which explores "the lost art of mixing the perfect drink". Except, it isn't really a lost art at all, because as countless magazines, newspapers, and blogs have pointed out, Vintage Cocktails are totally en vogue again, and being served up all over the city. But anyway. Candace Bushnell, Helen Schifter, and a host of other ever-on-trend New Yorkers showed up to celebrate and try out some of the Don Draper-esque drinks.

    Euan Rellie, Helen Schifter, Jay McInerney

    Ashley Jackson, Lauren Harmon  Francesco Michelacci, Alexis Brower

    Nicole Knable, Francesco Michelacci, Jay McInerney, Fabrizio Volterra, Renato Cecchi

    Brian Van Flandern                       Mimi Crume, Ulrich A. Sterling

    Jo Ferguson, Kirilly Sands, Louise Patrick

    Prosper Assouline                      Pascale Bourbaeu, Marilyn Gauthier

    Fabrizio Volterra, Courtney Napp, Mimi Crume, Jay McInerney, Ulrich A. Sterling

    Gayatri Steeg, Francesco Michelacci  Bonnie Morrison