Jay-Z and Rihanna Hit Up 40/40 After Video Music Awards

by Chiara Atik · September 14, 2009

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    Already, the stars of The Hills are criticized for not really being famous enough to attend red-carpet events. So how must it feel to be merely THE SISTER of any character on The Hills who is not Lauren Conrad? Probably pretty sucky. But that didn't stop the Holly Montag and Stephanie Pratt from partying with Jay-Z and Rihanna last night!

    The less-than-famous girls hit up 40/40 for the VMA after-party, where, weirdly, they celebrated were in the same room with Jay-Z and Rihanna. Pictures below!

    Jay-Z approaches the Red Carpet...

    Poses with some soldiers...

    .. Does some sign language...

    And calls it a day. Not quite a Hard-Knock-Life, Jay.

    There's something about Rihanna that needs to be in black and white.

    The girls from the Hills are....not at all dressed well.

    Hey Stephanie Pratt, like your nose!