Florals, For Spring?! Julia Berolzheimer's Chic Collection With Lake Pajamas Is This Season's Must-Have

by Christie Grimm · April 15, 2021

    Is there anything more luxurious than a chic, comfortable pair of pajamas?

    Beloved influencer Julia Berolzheimer has teamed up with cult favorite loungewear brand LAKE to put a serious spring in your loungewear step this season! 

    The new collection, is blooming with gorgeous garden and meadow-inspired prints, and features feminine, sophisticated styles that go from around-the-house to on-the-town. Let's just say our best advice to you is run, don't walk as the eighteen limited edition styles, including dresses, robes, set and nightgowns, are sure to sell out fast!

    Curious to learn more about Julia's penchant for pajama fashion and home routine?

    Where did you look for inspiration in designing your LAKE collection?
    I looked in my own home for the color palette inspiration. Since we spend so much time at home, and in our Lake pajamas, too, it fit perfectly. For print inspiration, I always love looking at antique and vintage textiles. The Met has so many amazing references online.

    What's your favorite excuse to lounge around in your pajamas all day?
    I love a rainy morning that keeps us in our pjs longer than normal. We try and get outside as much as possible with our toddler daughter, so there's not really a day when we're in pajamas all day. But with the JB x Lake collection, we have some great hybrids that are for sleep and play!

    Would you say you're naturally an early bird or a night owl?
    Since becoming a mom, I'm much more of an early bird. I used to stay up until 1am working, but now I know I have a little person who is going to pop awake at 6am, so I try to get to bed much earlier now.

    What does your nighttime routine look like?
    After dinner, we usually give my daughter a bath, pjs, read books, then bed. Afterwards, my husband and I will work for a few hours. We both work full-time at home with no childcare most days (my mom helps two days a week), the afterhour work time is key! We try to skip tv during week nights and aim for reading, journaling or working on one of our hobbies.

    How would you style one of your pieces to go from around-the-house to out-and-about?
    I would wear one of my JB x Lake around the house with my Olivia Morris Home slippers, and then swap them out for my favorite Carrie Forbes sandals, add some layered necklaces by Heritage Jewelry NYC and Brent Neale and a big raffia tote to go out.

    Biggest pajama pet peeve?
    Fit for sure. I don't want something that feels tight- anywhere!

    Have you picked up any new at-home hobbies this past year?
    Yes! My husband is an avid gardener, and I love to join him out in the garden, along with our 1.5 year old daughter. I've also been re-learning sewing, a skill I used to practice in middle school. I forgot how difficult it can be, and tedious, but it's so nice to do an activity without expectations or goals attached to it. 

    What are you most excited for next?
    I'm excited for something I am working on with a dear friend, and that's about all I can say there!