Shop The Wardrobe Treasures Of Kate Moss, Julianne Moore, Leandra Medine & Other Style Staples

by Christie Grimm · October 17, 2023

    As a borderline RealReal shopping and selling addict, I often wonder about the provenance of a piece. Whose closet did my favorite new dress come from - who toted this clutch around town on a night out - where oh where is that skirt I was so desperate to have and then never ended up wearing?

    Well, in celebration of the luxury re-seller's new Consignment Commitment, which asks consumers to consign 1 out of every 5 items in their closets in promotion of a more circular economy and sustainable fashion landscape, a number of fashion's most exciting names are digging deep into their wardrobes.

    I mean obviously this Longchamp black fur and leather coat is amazing, but factor in that it came from the closet of THE Kate Moss? Well it's now operating in a whole new hemisphere of chic previously unaccessible to mere shopping mortals.

    And this blush sequined, feather Miu Miu party dress that Tessa Thompson took for a spin at the Venice Film Festival? Just a touch more fabulous now considering the sights it's seen, no?

    Curious who was willing to part with what? 

    Scroll through the full collection of fashion treasures from Veronica Webb, Julianne Moore, Leandra Medine Cohen, Ivy Getty, Beveryly Nguyen Michelle Li and more!

    [Photos courtesy The RealReal]