Keith Lissner, Dress Mess Solved!

by guestofaguest · May 23, 2008

     Okay. So during our lunch break yesterday Sarah and I went on a hunt to find the dress for Rachelle. Since we were crunched for time and still had to eat, (it was our lunch break after all) we sprinted to Bloomie's and decided to work our way back to Bowery from there. Although we found a bunch of cute dresses, to our disappointment, nothing was even close to the $50 budget. Well, there was one store that we found where the dresses were low-price and on sale. However, we were pretty sure that Rachelle wouldn't appreciate the technicolor dress that only Willy Wonka would wear...if he were a woman...eep!

    However, when we returned with the bad news for Rachelle, there was a dress hanging up in the office! It was from Keith Lissner! I guess he couldn't bear the idea of Rachelle wearing a $50 dress. What a lucky girl!

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