Keith Lissner's Lovely Ladies

by Rachelle Hruska · July 18, 2008

    michelle austin, devorah rose, keith lissner, marisa lee, rachelle hruska, emily giffin [Hosts Michelle Austin, Devorah Rose, Marisa Lee, Rachelle Hruska, and Emily Giffin with designer Keith Lissner]

    Our big event this past Wednesday for Keith Lissner at the Royalton was a huge success.  All of the hostesses (Marisa Lee from the Pink Agenda, Devorah Rose from Socialife Magazine, Michelle Austin the Fluidity founder, best selling author Emily Giffin and I), along with dozens of other guests there were actually dressed in Keith Lissner designs, a spectacular sight for the designer I"m guessing.  Read more of the event here and here.  And see photos here, here, and here.

    Keith LissnerMary Rambin, Keith LissnerStephanie Wei, Devorah Rose, Douglas Marshall

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