"Lauren Conrad" By Lauren Conrad

by SAMANTHA QUEEN · April 24, 2008

    lcToday I got the memo that selections from Lauren Conrad’s Spring 2008 line is available on Shopbop, our favorite online retailer (check out Lauren Conrad for the full line).  I wasted no time in going to check it out.  So what do we think?  This is my first time ever viewing a “Lauren Conrad” and I like the day-to-night concept (who couldn’t use some versatility?).  I also like some of the designs (my favorites are the Katherine Wrap and the Julie Romper) and I’m not sure I know what “modal” is, but I think I know and I think I like it.   The problem: I just can’t shake the feeling that the Lauren Conrad collection was made especially for … Audrina. 

    But Audrina has a unique sense of style, which we like, so I’ll let that one slide.  No, the main problem with this line, as I see it, is that there’s just no punch.  It’s something along the lines of C&C California meets American Apparel.  The point: it’s been done and it’s been done more cheaply.  In fact, we’re willing to bet good money that the Indian clothing store on 8th and Sixth sells something similar to the Cheryl Tank for significantly less than $75.  In fact, we’re fairly sure that we bought one when we were in the 8th grade.  So, perhaps we should leave Miss Conrad to experiment; let her stew, so that when we come back to her, she’ll have thoughtful, high-quality designs waiting to greet us.  We’re sure she can do it.  In the meantime, check out Hawaii-based Fighting Eel for some serious day-to-night casual wear.