No doubt you've seen floral designer Lewis Miller's gorgeous Instagram craze, “Flower Flash,” installations of beautiful blooms bursting in the most unexpected places, from telephone booths to trash cans. Homebound like the rest of us these past few months, Miller began offering DIY versions of his floral creations, shipping carefully curated stems directly from Holland straight to the doors of budding flower enthusiasts to assemble themselves.

Now, Lewis is teaming up with high society's up and coming, aspiring major league florist, Lauren Santo Domingo. If you're like me, you've spent 90% of this time at home mentally making notes of (and screenshotting, because duh) the dozens and dozens of vases Lauren seemingly has just lying around the house, waiting for some freshly harvested petals from her garden to make for the perfect post. In all seriousness, I desperately need to know how many vases and vessels she's working with!

But I digress, slightly - Moda Operandi shoppers can now purchase bloom boxes designed by Lauren and Lewis, which come complete with a series of instructional videos from Miller explaining how to arrange and care for your flowers. 

Are you more of a City Garden, a Country Wildflower, or a Beach Bloom?

A real Sophie's choice, I know.

To further inspire your floral creativity (and prove my point that she must / should have a very large room in her Hamptons home dedicated solely to shelving her ceramic and woven and hand blown glass beauties), click through for but a small selection of Lauren's portfolio.