Lauren Santo Domingo Uses A Closet App, So Now I Use A Closet App

by Christie Grimm · March 16, 2020

    And you should too!

    In the wake of an extreme case of boredom this past weekend, I decided to tick off a long bulleted item on my to-do list. In a recent WSJ profile, Lauren Santo Domingo unveiled her secret to somehow always having the proper outfit in place for any life event. Smart Closet. An app that helps you catalogue every piece in your closet (from tops and bottoms to jewelry, handbags and shoes), organize them into categories, and then build outfits. And if it's good enough for Lauren, it is most definitely, probably, good enough for me.

    Entering in my full wardrobe has been a bit of a process, considering my addiction to The RealReal, shoes, furry handbags and silk slip dresses, but it turned out to be such a good mental refresh. Remembering sweaters I'd shoved at the back of my drawers, noticing an obvious pattern pointing to a personal weak spot for black dresses that may or may not be worth bringing up with my therapist... 

    There are multiple ways to enter in your clothes. You can take pictures of each item yourself (um, maybe if I had an assistant), search for the item online and use that image (yes, please!) or clip items from Instagram (maybe?).

    Once uploaded, you can add details for each piece, including color, brand, size, seasons you'll wear it, etc., making everything completely searchable and filterable.

    Next, for the too-busy-to-think-about-getting-dressed type, you can take a page out of Lauren's book and pull together outfits for yourself in your spare time. 

    My next black tie soirée in the city?

    A springtime visit to my aunt in Connecticut that may or may not involve going to church?

    That one day every few months when I actually need to look semi-professional?

    Needless to say I've found my new hobby as a personal stylist, for myself. And God knows I'm not, but if I were an even more organized human being, I could actually input these looks into a calendar. Waking up every day with a literal diagram of what to wear. You so know that's how Lauren is able to keep track of all her looks during Fashion Week! 

    For now, I'll just treat Smart Closet like a vain little game - like Words With Friends, but it's actually just me alone, not communicating with anyone, scrolling through my closet for an hour, wondering if that new pair of shoes I just saw online would be a repetitive or necessary purchase. And I invite you to play along!

    [Photo via @thelsd]