LeSportsac Is 35 Years Young; A Reason For Sophia Bush (And The Rest Of Us) To Celebrate During Recession

by Chelsea Burcz · February 25, 2009

    Sophia Bush [Sophia Bush. Photos by Nicky Digital]

    While most Fashion Week parties consisted of string bean models and uptight designers sipping the most expensive wines, LeSportsac lost the typical “posh-ness” and tried a more wholesome approach to celebrating design. Champagne was served alongside chocolate milk and grilled cheese was the h’orderve of choice, making the design company’s 35th anniversary appropriate for LeSportsac fans of all ages.

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    The LeSportsac event, sponsored by Teen Vogue and held on Greene Street in SoHo at the flagship store last Thursday, kept the mood in the room that of a thirteen-year-old girl’s bedroom. From everything to the vivid drinking straws to the mini burgers with hot pink condiments, guests found the experience comparable to a middle school dance. Guests agreed that the youthful feel complimented one of the latest lines from LeSportsac, in which the pattern is that of a young, hip, fashionable rabbit the goes by the name Fifi Lapin on a bubble gum pink, baby blue, or sunny yellow background.

    The neon soda pop and rainbow colored candies attracted celebrities like television hit “One Tree Hill” star Sophia Bush. When Bush entered the room flashbulbs lit off like lightning and the crowd instantly pressed forward to get a glimpse of the actress. Sophia Berenad, age 11, was more interested in seeing Bush than celebrating handbags. Berenad’s mother dutifully held her up by her armpits so Berenad would not miss a glimpse of Bush, “I love Sophia Bush because she has the same name as me! I got a picture with her and her autograph, that’s why I came here!”

    To some, celebrating in hard economic times may seem irresponsible. However, Christine Merrick, a buyer for Lord & Taylor, explained, “I am a friend of LeSportsac and have been supporting them for 35 years. They have always sold well. Even during the recession they have reason to celebrate; their bags are chic and there is something for everyone. Not to mention the great prices.”

    Valerie Richardson, a fan of the handbags, agreed that LeSportsac stands out in the fashion world, even in an economic crisis, “LeSportsac always looks good and its always changing with our culture. They are trendy and always have original concepts; it’s a unique approach to handbags.”

    Anneka Bjorkesen, Teen Vogue’s latest “It Girl” at age 15, thought that the relaxed mood of the party was refreshing and not too over the top. She also believed that the bags would survive the economy because of their practical nylon material and easy to wear designs. She added, “The bag is for all ages.”

    An excited Berenad summed up the draw of LeSportsac plainly while chewing on a bright blue piece of candy, “I asked for a bag this Christmas… and I am going to ask for a new one next Christmas!” –30—