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by guestofaguest · April 28, 2008

    FameGame [GofG peeps at FameGame's Live/Work event]

    Go HERE for more photos from this event by Antwan Duncan.

    This past Friday, the GofG staff mingled with those crazy FameGamers, for the opening of their Williamsburg Gallery, devoted currently to the Live/Work team. The Undergrad, and Oper8tor recount the experience below:

    From The Undergrad:

    Like our editor, we've been trying to bust out of our mono-borough rut, so we were overjoyed when we heard that our good friends over at Fame Game would be celebrating the inauguration of their Williamsburg gallery this past Friday. Currently, the space is devoted to the Live/Work team -fourteen artists cohabiting in what must, judging from their perplexing and arresting pieces, be one hell of a kalaidescopic pad.

    Most of the displays were more conceptual than beautiful --a large pile of shredded dollar bills atop a plexiglass surface, a chandelier of syringes, a human head made from multi-colored, crudely "sewn" plastic swatches, but it made for interesting conversation. The Fame Game Gallery itself is located in a pretty amazing loft, all sleek wood and exposed brick and plenty of room for the artfully and clashingly tattered hipsters (and there were many) to get their jaded grooves on. The combination of the artwork and the audience, plus an awesome cellist and free-flowing beer made us very happy we'd left the island, and though we should have known our Trovata/ Jack Rogers combo was going to earn us a few eye-rolls, we're kind of glad we rocked it anyway. As the Fame-Gamers may attest, bad press is always better than no press at all.

    From Oper8tor:

    Fame Game is part facebook, part Andy Warhol's philosophy that everyone will get his or her 15 minutes of fame and all very web 2.0 style networking. The site collects event photography, media mentions, and search trends for over 100,000 people and 2500 organizations. In effect tracking the fame or rise there of, of movers and shakers in New York. Jen Novak, managing director of Fame Theory explained this to me at Fame Game's Live/Work event Friday night. Live /Work an art exhibition to celebrate the diversity of work and environments of artists living and working in Brooklyn was the inaugural exhibition of the Fame Game Gallery. Located under the bridge, the Williamsburg Bridge.

    With the smell of industrial Willie B in the air Folks came to check out the works of: Anne McClain, Brooke Winfrey, Cassie Thornton. Eduardo Paulo, Elena Delgado, Facundo Newbery, Jason, Eppink, Justin Tellian, Lia Zuvlivia, and Trevor Wentworth drink, meet and hand out Asics sneakers to the needy. The art ran the gamut from photography to an interactive piece that viewers were to extinguish their cigarettes in to a cuddly plastic teddy bear. The work was like BK itself. Kinda fresh, a little bit unexpected and all over the map. Honestly I really love the fact that these artists and Brooklyn itself are getting exposure but part of me worries of about the Peaking of Williamsburg, and the borough in general, but really if it happens like this with events and exhibitions where Internet friends and connection get actual face time NOT just condos and yuppies taking over and running the view from the river, it may work out, OK. Check the flicks and see for yourself if this is legit.

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