Barre class just got a whole lot chicer. Sure our childhood dream of becoming a ballerina may have never gotten off the ground, or even near pointe shoes for that matter (thankfully), but we'll be damned if that doesn't mean we still can't dress like one!

This October, God's gift to activewear Lululemon is launching a new, limited-edition collection created with Francesca Hayward, Principal Dancer of The Royal Ballet of London. And truthfully, activewear doesn't get more beautiful than this.

The 17-piece modern collection is a nod to Francesca’s personal style as well as the Royal Opera House's classic decor, featuring carefully designed tops that need not be adjusted, supportive tights that sculpt the body perfectly - even shorts and skirts for a delicate, feminine silhouette.

Click through for a look at some of our favorite, flawless pieces from the new collection, and prepare to be the best-dressed at the gym!