Interview With Lydia Hearst: The Model Talks Her Birthday, Her Busy Schedule, And Fashion From New York To London

by CARSON GRIFFITH · September 21, 2009

    [Lydia Hearst gets the final touches before the Marc Bouwer virtual runway shoot] Want to be a model of Lydia Hearst type stature? Well, we've got some tips for you straight from the socialite's mouth. Because Lydia Hearst is no stranger to modeling, and while the heiress and socialite may be most currently known for her topless shoot in this past May's GQ Italia, one can not forget her many past campaigns and runway shows. We caught up with the blond bombshell while preparing for Marc Bouwer's virtual runway show to talk about not only her busy schedule for New York Fashion Week, but what her plans were for after, London this week, her Birthday (it was Saturday), and some advice for fashion show goers...From Puma to Bottega Vennetta, Moschino to Roberto Cavalli for H&M - one of NYC's most prominent socialites has had her hand in just about everything since being photographed by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia in 2004...

    CG: So have you been busy so far for Fashion Week? LH: Yeah, it's only, gosh, officially the second day of shows but this is my third show right here.

    And this is the third show you're participating in, have you gone to any yet? Uh, no, I'm not going to any shows I'm not walking in.

    Too busy, too busy. And you said last night you didn't go out at all for Fashion Night Out. No, I was asleep by ten, and got up early, and I'm here, ready to work with Marc.

    So do you have any tricks of the trade for preparing to walk in the shows or anything, any secrets or superstitions, or anything like that? Honestly, I think it's just important to stay hydrated and get a good night's sleep and... gosh, probably wear a lot of high heels, haha.

    A lot of high heels. So you're a pro in walking in them by now, huh, haha? I love heels, haha.

    So besides Marc do you have any favorite brands that you like to wear, clothes wise, heel wise, anything like that, or anything you're into right now? Honestly, I love anything and everything that's vintage and heels are the one thing that I can't resist when I go shopping for fashion. And honestly, my style is always changing which is also why I love Marc's collection so much because there's always something fresh, something new and everything is so glamorous.

    He pointed out his favorite piece to me in the collection, do you have one right now too? Probably the first piece I'm going to be wearing the red dress, red is one of my favorite colors.

    Is there anything you're particularly looking forward to about Fashion Week? Honestly, it's being able to spend time with my friends who are working and traveling and my Birthday is coming up, haha.

    Your Birthday's coming up! What day is your Birthday exactly? It's on the 19th, so I guess it's just after Fashion Week is over.

    So you can celebrate the end of working and your Birthday at the same time. I'll actually be traveling to London for work and for the Charity with Operation Smile but when I get back hopefully I'll have a nice little dinner with family and friends and probably Scott [Buccheit, GofG contributer] will be there

    So any words of advice to everyone else going to the shows? Honestly, just be comfortable, confident and enjoy yourself, have fun, you know, it's fashion.

    Well that helps because you're a seasoned model. Thank you

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