Market Week Kicks Off, City Proclaims Emergency Sell-Out Of Tweed And Chambray

by Cary Randolph Fuller · January 17, 2011

    "Market Week" may not show up on your calendar, but this week-long fashion extravaganza has the city's most stylish gents storming trade shows. Here's a guide to staying crispy during the raddest, trad-est, plaid-est time of the year.


    Know Your Trade Shows!

    Capsule, which we visited this morning, runs today and tomorrow and features the trendiest, most sought-after brands this side of Pitti Uomo. Don't know what Pitti is? Give up the ghost...or plow through the Sartorialist's archives in their entirety. Project focuses on street-wear and denim. Don't know street-wear? Go take a good look at your sneakers and run-down 11-wale cords. But what's less important than actually browsing racks of car coats is...partying!

    The Parties

    Tonight features a performance in Williamsburg by man-fashion darlings U.S. Royalty and, no doubt, a whole mess of debauchery at man-fashion clubhouse the Ace Hotel. Word on the Twitter street confirms that many of this great country's foremost style bloggers and boutique proprietors are even sleeping at the fabled inn. Best of all, an official Capsule afterparty is going down on the Bowery.

    Read & Follow The Right People

    Still not convinced that you're crispy enough to run with these horses? Still don't know what "crispy" means? Here's a quick rundown of our favorite men (and one lady) in the biz:

    F*ck Yeah Menswear: a hilarious glossary of more masculine synonyms for "cool" and "trendy."

    Sartorially Inclined: he uploads all the latest lifestyle videos so you don't have to. Follow on Twitter.

    Unabashedly Prep: this guy takes Locust Valley grandpa style to the next level. Follow on Twitter.

    That Kind of Woman: she's a good reminder that women are welcome at Capsule too. Follow on Twitter.

    Now sharpen the crease in those flannel-lined khakis and GO GO GO, get dapper. Photo via Another Face in the Crowd. Follow the Ace Hotel, US Royalty, and Capsule on Twitter.