Mayor Bloomberg Honored By Council Of Fashion Designers

by AMANDA MELILLO · June 2, 2008

    Mayor Bloomber, Council of Fashion Designers of AmericaTonight the Council of Fashion Designers of America will be giving their annual award to someone who appears to be an unlikely candidate: Mayor Bloomberg. The New York Times demonstrates how, on the outside, he seems an unusual choice for a group of designers with a passion for fashion, considering his straight-laced dressing style that rarely varies over the years. (The New York Times also lets us know that hizzoner shops for undies at Bloomie's, which is probably something I will not be able to forget for at least the rest of the day.)

    Despite the fact that his wardrobe is restricted to Paul Stuart and Brooks Brothers, his casual wear has landed him on worst dressed lists, and Diane Von Furstenburg points out he might not be able to tell the different between Marc Jacobs and Oscar de la Renta, she also says he was an obvious choice. Why?

    For starters, two years ago he prevented the annual fashion shows from being tossed out of Bryant Park and having to find a new home. This alone proved that Bloomberg's City Hall would pay attention to designers and the city's role in fashion and the arts. Then the orchestration of the Canal Street shutdown meant tons of knockoffs were off the streets—fashion copyrighting is something largely ignored in this country, but the mayor gave the issue attention in New York. So Mayor, congratulations—the designers love you even though you don't buy their clothes. Here's to making the city a friendly place for creativity.