Anyone else go to a few weddings this summer and realize WOW my stamina for heels just isn’t what it used to be? Apparently jeans weren’t the only fashion choice that took some re-adjusting after quarantine. Luckily, the fashion industry just GETS US; and with sneakers, block heels and chunky boots stomping down the runway, footwear has never been friendlier. But what about heels? What if we still crave the feminine shape of a heel, without the pain? Enter: the return of the kitten heel. She’s been creeping back into style for a while folks, and lucky for our ankles: she’s here to stay. 

So, do you wear a kitten heel the same way that you’d wear a sky-high stiletto? The answer is: sometimes. A kitten heel is much more subtle than something tall, so it’s perfect with mom jeans for that “I’m-not-trying-to-look-so-good, I-just-do” look. As appropriate for a day of shopping as it is for a date. A kitten heel will make your legs look miles long, while also demure when paired with a super short skirt. Or how about a slip dress with a chunky cardigan and a kitten heel for a perfect '90s throwback? The only time when a kitten (heel) may bite you, is when paired with mid-calf, structured skirt or dress. It’s a lot easier to look like an old fashioned school marm than Miuccia Prada if you’re not careful. Stick to the Audrey Hepburn or the '80s/'90s vibe and you’ll be strutting in style (and comfort!) 

No more on-the-subway shoe swaps? Now that’s stylish.

Natalie Decleve aka "Natty Style" is a Holistic Personal Stylist based in New York City. Natalie brings style and clarity to the wardrobes and lifestyles of men and women all around the world. Effortless, confident, thoughtful. Find her on Instagram @natty_style.

[Photo via Net-a-Porter]