New York Musicians, Diego Garcia And Danny Bensi, Unite For A Good Cause

by ANTHONY NATOLI · September 1, 2009

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    Picture this…a moonlit Downtown rooftop, a quiet summer breeze, an intimate crowd of New York’s most musically courageous, the tranquil melodies of Spanish guitar and classical cello, and some candles for additional ambiance. “Music Unites” revitalized the second floor of 80 Bond Street with some bohemian flare on Sunday evening for their fund-raising acoustic performance by Diego Garcia and Danny Bensi, an unorthodox collaboration that is breaking down the boundaries of genre and making strides within the underground music scene with their new record.  More story and photos below...

    Founder Michelle Edgar hosted the event in an effort to promote the more progressive musicians in New York City and to raise money with the goal of bringing music to under-privileged inner-city children. The laid-back atmosphere of the space coupled with the sincerely romantic songwriting of Garcia and Bensi made for a beautiful and genuine musical experience, a phenomenon that can often be hard to come by in New York. The event was just one of many gatherings in the works for “Music Unites,” a team that will undoubtedly continue to generate many more groundbreaking and philanthropic projects throughout the city.

    Danny Bensi

    Garcia and Bensi

    Garcia and Bensi

    Garcia and Bensi

    Diego Garcia, Michelle Edgar Diego Garcia, Michelle Edgar

    Danny Bensi, Diego Garcia Danny Bensi, Diego Garcia