Nylon Magazine's Young Hollywood Party Hosted By The Gossip Girls

by MIKEL MCCOY · May 15, 2008

    Nylon, gossip girl Go HERE for more photos from this event by Porter Hovey

    Wow, so when did hipsters start partying uptown…for real? I mean maybe Nylon Magazine"s presence had something to do with or just maybe it was that addictive show Gossip Girl?

    I"m not sure, but I was sure surprised to see so many tight colored denim pants and the omnipresent scarf on so many of the party goers last night at Nylon Magazine"s Young Hollywood/Gossip Girl soirée way up at Steve Lewis designed Amalia on 55th street. It was a jam, and I say that not only cause the party was hot with people, music, and free tequila, but also the actual space was straight jammed, packed to gills with people wanting a closer look at Gossip Girl"s/ Nylon"s cover stars Leighton Meester and Blake Lively.

    I won"t even try and front like I was above it all. On Porter"s and my way there …we did share a bit of giddy excitement about what it was we were about to witness, lol. We were not disappointed. Except for the fact that due to all the magazine politics/camera policies issues we had to scuttle around the party taking undercover shots for fear of being asked to GET THE HELL OUT by the party"s referee"s aka big bouncer dudes. Kinda scary kinda not fun, but kinda what we do to get the shot when we have. So take a look at the snaps Porter got and know…just know she did these 60 minutes under fire styles.

    Upstairs while the cast members were dining (including newest cast members Lydia Hearst and Michelle Trachtenberg), the fans were downstairs getting down to DJ Rukus" music. If all these people are planning on watching the season finale this Monday, it"s sure to be a hit.