Paper Heart Premieres In New York; Stars Do Not Dress Up

by Chiara Atik · August 6, 2009

    [Bill Hader, Charlyne Yi, Nick Jasenovec, Jake Johnson. All photos by PMc]. Sundance and Hipster darling "Paper Heart" premiered in New York last night, in what has got to be the most casual red carpet of all time. Seriously, the cast and crew of the quirky movie arrived looking like they just finished a game of touch-football in McCarren Park. More stories and photos below...

    The movie promises to be either endearing or grating, depending on where you fall on the "Is Michael Cera A Sex God Or Just Annoying" debate. Cera himself did not show up to the premiere, but his co-star Charlyne Yi attended, and did her best to appear cute and awkward, which, obivously is her schtick.  Though it is certainly refreshing to find a cast that does not buy into the whole "Hollywood Glamour" thing, I still think they could have at least bothered to iron/tuck in their shirts before walking the red carpet....

    Bill Hader                                      Charlyne Yi


    Johanna Botta                                 Jake Johnson

    Jess Weixler                                 Anika Conner

    Nick Jasenovec                              Mizou Peck