Photo Of The Day: Vintage Gaga Caught By The Sartorialist

by Rachelle Hruska · September 27, 2010

    [Lady Gaga photo via]

    The back story of this photo was really great... I believe it was on the Sartorialist years ago. (if anyone knows a link to the story, let me know) before she released The Fame. She was in SoHo with her mum, and a photographer asked to take her photo, and when he asked for her name she said, “Lady GaGa, singer/songwriter, you’ll be hearing of me in the future” or something along those lines. The photographer had to stop himself from laughing. Look at her now. [Bornthiswaybitch]

    This photo has been going around Tumblr for weeks now. The complete  back story, we are still waiting on, the location of the photo, however, has been corrected by a one Naveen Selvadurai (Foursquare co-founder):

    this is not SoHo, kids! i know exactly where this is: Meatpacking – 14th Street looking towards that gas station and the High Line and 10th Avenue. and that “photo equipment rental” place/sign is still there. and those cobblestones? yeah, they still run into the tar like that. come on, DOT! and i think that construction on the left side of the picture is still going on!

    don’t ask me how i recognized all that. new york, i haz a crush on you. (you too, lady gaga)