POP Colors Are For Nails Now Too

by guestofaguest · May 29, 2008

     I remember when I getting my nails done back in February and everyone around me was getting the same old colors like dark red, black, grey, french etc... which only seemed to match the dreary weather outside. What a gloomy salon! When it came my turn to choose a color I grabbed the brightest color I could see to try and whisk away the shadows of February and bring forward shine of spring. Walking out I loved how they shone through the overcast dim lit day and suddenly my mood improved. [Image via Elle Girl]

    YELLOW is what I chose. Over next few weeks ( I know i keep nail polish on until it all chips away... bad habit) not a day went by where I wasn't complimented on my nails! Everyone loved them, and pretty soon all of my friends had bright nails as well. When I went looking for that same color, which is basically just plain crayon yellow, it was nowhere to be found. I searched every store I came across selling nail polish and still went home empty handed. Then my mom found this great company called Creative. They make every bright colored nail polish you could ever dream up.

    I think everyone should check it out. So drop those drab boring colors and ideas and get with the season already!