PS 59 Students Unveil Bloomingdale's New Window With The Help Of Some Mentors

by Rachelle Hruska · January 12, 2009

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    Hundreds of children headed up to Bloomingdales last Friday to meet and share breakfast with mentors like Tamara Tunie (Law & Order), Matilda Cuomo (Former NY state first lady and founder of Mentoring USA), Maria Cuomo Cole (Chair of HELP USA), Michael Gould (CEO of Bloomingdales), Mr. G (CW11 Weatherman), and Larry Belinsky (CEO of HELP USA).  The Bloomingdale's window was unveiled in honor of National Mentoring Month.  Bloomingdale's volunteers have, for the past 11 years, mentored elementary school children at PS 59 through the Mentoring USA program.

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    Currently more than 70 store executives spend one hour each week with their mentees, talking, sharing, tutoring, and encouraging the kids to dream big for their future.

    The window at Bloomingdales, features two mentors, a man and a woman, pulling the string of a kite and instructing a group of children how to fly their kites.  On the back wall of the window are 70 paintings by the third-grade mentees of PS59 of the child's aspirations

    Mentoring USA, a New York City-based nonprofit, is a structured, site-based, mentoring organization that began as the first state-sponsored, one-on-one mentoring program in the country back in 1987.  The program was founded by then First Lady of the State of New York, Matilda Raffa Cuomo and became a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 1995.  The program is part of HELP USA ( and has helped over 5,000 children in need since inception operating on both the national and international level.