Ramona Singer Talks Fashion Week And Her Recession Friendly Jewelry Line On The HSN Tonight

by CARSON GRIFFITH · September 14, 2009

    Ramona Singer: Reality Star. Ramona Singer: Jewelry Designer? If this seems like a far reach to you, remember her fashion background that she’s stressed on the Real Housewives of New York, her attendance at fashion shows, her turn into the skincare market (apparently, you aren’t an avid Bravo fan like I am if you don't). Now the firey Real Housewive, who is currently taping the next season of the popular show, talks to us about her affordable line of estate-inspired jewelry, priced from $200-$500, that will debut tonight, Monday, September 14th, 10pm, EST (as well as September 15th 11pm Pacific). And while we were excited to get the insider scoop about the line of real stone jewelry before it went up for sale, we also wanted to hear all about what Ramona was doing for Fashion Week from what she did for Fashion's Night Out, her show choices, to how she relaxes. Because to say I was exhausted just talking to her may be an understatement. [Picture via Reality Tea].

    Right off the bat, Ramona dives in with her rendition of Fashion Night Out, talking about Valentino’s party, which she describes as “elegant”. Her favorite pick from the store was a pair of gray “sexy” shoes, which she’ll be going back for. No surprise there, as she says “I love accessories, because they update every outfit.” So where else did the Real Housewive stop by? “I went to the Missoni thing, they did a fashion show, first annual, to do a thing for children with epilepsy, they had all these great things, great silent auction and it wa really nice, it was a fashion event, but I thought it was WOW!”

    The petite blond with the new shorter do ended her night at Cipriani’s but not before stopping at Bendel’s, “it was just, you know, and David Yurman was giving out cowboy hats because he was a Texan” which Ramona saved for her daughter Avery. She also reported that the traffic around Bergdorf’s was worse than Christmas and the line consisted of about 200 people – making me very glad I stayed mostly downtown. And her favorite part of it all? “The energy! The energy was just so exciting to see!”

    So quickly into our conversation I discovered two things: 1. The Real Housewive is in fact, exactly like her character on the show, a fast talker and very bubbly and 2. She knew more about fashion than one would expect but she was a FIT grad who started her career as a buyer at Macy’s afterall, as I was reminded.

    So since she’ll be jetting to California to promote her jewelry line and be busy with the Home Shopping Network, are there shows that she’ll be sad to miss?

    “Rebecca Taylor, I’ll be missing here. They fit me like a glove, I never have to altar. I have a very curvaceous body. Nanette Lepore, I wear for work, weekends, looks good but not that expensive. For high end I love the Italians, I have to say, I love Missoni, I love Dolce.” With her busy travel schedule this year, she’ll definitely be cutting back on her show schedule. So if you’re a Real Housewives fan, you’ll have to be making your Ramona spottings at a different location than the tents.

    “I normally make it to 6-8 but I’m away most of the time this year”

    And what about Avery? Can we expect her daughter to make an appearance this year?

    “I’m going to take her to Tibi because that’s at 7pm next week. You know, she says ‘When am I going?’ so I’m going to take her to that"

    Her advice for those new to Fashion Week?

    If you’re going to a designer’s show, it’s always a great compliment to the designer to wear something that they designed. Don’t worry about being late, they’re always behind! But it’s fun to people watch if you get there early."

    And her routine from keeping stressed?

    I play music every morning to meditate to keep all the nerves away so I just put on that music that I gor from Bed Bath & Beyond and you just hear the oceans and the waves and I just think ‘Ok’ and I have my True Renewal cream and it really has changed my skin and I do it every morning and every night and its made from algae enzyme."

    So now that we had the scoop on her Fashion Week schedule I wanted to get down to business on her jewelry line. On RHONY, we Ramona paints herself every bit of the determined business woman. We’ve heard of her skincare line. We’ve heard of her family’s company. But let’s hear about the HSN jewelry line that debuts today at 10pm EST.

    “You know what Carson, this is the beauty of it: I was at Bergdorf’s and they were selling costume jewelry for $200. My girlfriend had the same stones on for $4,000. Everything thinks they’re thousands of dollars. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you want to buy something that you can continue to wear and pass on to your children. I was inspired by my own estate jewelry."

    And of course, I wanted to know, what are her favorites…

    “I call them my babies, the jewelry is my babies. Each collection is better than my last collection, you can mix them, they can be matchy-matchy, or mix the set. Probably the most exciting piece me are my bracelets, the cuff bracelets. The workmanship are beyond. They are $350-$450.

    And when you wear it people will say ‘Oh my god, what did you do to get that, and why are you so lucky, was it your Birthday?’ they’ll think its your Birthday, they’ll think its thousands of dollars, and its like, no, no it’s not.”

    So why the Home Shopping Network and not a store?

    “You know? Where people are shopping is at home. Home shopping parties or online or on the Home Shopping Network. That’s why retail stores are done”

    And when it comes to her jewelry, Ramona sees it as versatile, and made for all women.

    “You can wear it to a black-tie, you can wear it to a dinner, you can wear it to lunch with your girlfriends, just wear it for you! And I know, I’m a shopaholic, I went to FIT. I think that’s why I went into the business, you get free clothings, and I think that’s why I went into the jewelry business. I just learned something about myself talking to you!

    Because what do women do: We love to share, share our secrets –our tips!"

    In the market for some affordable real jewels? Tune into the HSN tonight, September 14th at 10pm EST, or tomorrow September 15th at 11pm Pacific time. Hey, even if you don't have an extra $200-$500 laying around it can hold you over until the next season of Real Housewives of New York.