Ramy Brook Brings The Party To The Upper East Side

by Christie Grimm · September 16, 2019

    After two years of searching for the perfect spot to call home, Ramy Brook has finally landed on the Upper East Side. A natural step for the brand, who's designer and namesake is a neighborhood local, their new boutique at 980 Madison Avenue is a brilliant bookend for their Soho shop.

    The social city girl's sartorial staple, Ramy Brook's sexy, sophisticated vibes, and orange and gold motifs are alive and well in the interiors. With great, upbeat music playing, candy and a charging station for your enjoyment in the seating areas, and racks of date night, cocktail party, painting-the-town-red looks (including some uptown-exclusive suede pieces, sweaters, scarves, hats and gloves!), how could this place not become your uptown home away from home?

    Even the designer herself is planning on making a bit of a move. “My plan is to be at the store a few days a week. I'll have an office there, which will allow me to spend time directly with our customers, which I love. And the knowledge you get is so important; it’s how we grow as a company.”