You want to know the one thing New York’s most fashionable women all have in common? A navy blue garment bag. The best style secret around. Since the spring of 2016, I’ve been a loyal, insanely active subscriber to Rent the Runway's Unlimited plan. And while at first, I vowed I would never tell anyone about it, like any truly amazing gem, it was ultimately too good to keep to myself. 

Over the years I’ve personally convinced dozens of people to join Rent the Runway Unlimited. And I've shared my best tips and tricks for playing the game - because oh, it is a game - with my closest friends (and my 6K IG followers). And so, in the spirit of fashionable giving, I'm here to share my professional advice to getting the most out of your membership, and even some new hacks I've crowdsourced from some of my fellow RTR believers. 

All it takes is a dash of patience, and some well thought out strategy, but trust me, once you get it you'll never look back!

[Photos via @mackinstyle]