The Basics

For $159 a month, you get four styles, which you can swap at any time. And for an additional $39, you can add another style, with no limit on how many slots you can open. If I'm being honest, I have 8 open, but you should know that that’s highly aggressive and people probably think I’m insane. But am I really? You can always close the extra slots before the next billing cycle if you only need them for a brief period of time. For example, I'll open an extra slot if I’m going on vacation. There's no commitment required, and you can cancel your subscription at any time - so really, I'm kind of a genius.

Insurance is built into the $159 cost. If you stain or rip something (as will inevitably happyen), there's no need to worry about being charged. I’ve broken zippers, had an entire glass of red wine spilt on me, and I’ve never had to pay extra. If you lose something though, that’s on you.

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