Renegade Crafts Fair This Weekend!

by SAMANTHA QUEEN · June 12, 2008

     En lieu of the Central Park Waterfight, since we like Nelson Mandela and now know that water is the next oil, we suggest that you visit McCarren Park Pool for Brooklyn’s third annual Renegade Crafts Fair. The Fair began in Chicago in 2003, attracting international attention, along with vendors from across the globe. Classified as a “DIY” crafts fair, vendors are largely artists and hobbyists peddling handmade wares.

    But don’t let the DIY label fool you – while some things for sale are nothing more than creative, others are more sophisticated, pairing complex methodologies with raw artistic talent. More importantly, we predict that, based on last year’s fair, most things will be under $100 and conform to the hipster aesthetic. Better yet, there will be a DJ, courtesy of the PopShop DJ Squad, and (one can only hope) frozen mojitos, to boot.