Row NY Fall Fundraiser With Olympic Gold Medalist Ted Nash

by SARAH MANDATO · October 16, 2009

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    GofG has a special soft spot for rowers. Our publisher, Cameron Winklevoss, is quite the boatsman (as is his twin brother, Tyler), and Stanley is also a water sports master... Accordingly, we were very excited for Row New York's fall fundraiser, featuring Olympic gold medalist and coach to the brothers Winklevoss, Ted Nash, as well as actress Rosie Perez.

    The organization combines intensive rowing activities and personal academic support to underprivileged girls in New York City. Boasting a 100% success rate in sending participants to college, the charity has experienced exponential growth in its seven year lifetime. Patrons of this fun and important cause enjoyed cocktails and bites in a spacious Hell's Kitchen loft while mingling with other fans of the sport and viewing film of the leaders and lady rowers in action.