Rowing Blazers, an American clothing brand founded by former member of the U.S. National Rowing Team, Jack Carlson, recently launched a pop-up shop in Soho, featuring their chic line of vintage blazers and Ivy-cool accessories. 

Based on Carlson's book Rowing Blazers, profiling the intricate history and significance of blazers taking origins in the rowing community, the brand curates high-end, fashionable blazers, featuring customizable jackets for crew teams across the country. 

And although the label definitely attracts those in the rowing community, even the uninitiated can enjoy the prestige of their pieces. From elaborate and embellished blazers, to pastel-colored hats, printed polos, and crew neck sweaters, Rowing Blazers puts a vintage twist on their apparel, making it worthy of some street cred.

Walking into their store on Grand Street, with a buzzing hum of Travis Scott's "Goosebumps" in the background, I felt like I stepped back in time - to the '80s. I was greeted by Keziah Beall, business partner and girlfriend of Jack Carlson, the founder of Rowing Blazers. She sat me down on a lush green velvet upholstered couch, adjacent to the ping-pong table in the center of the store, with colorful blazers and polos decorating the perimeter. Shortly after, Carlson joined, and we got to chatting.

Click through for an inside look and be sure to check out the Rowing Blazers pop-up at 161 Grand Street through September 15th!

[Photos via Rowing Blazers]