Save The Children Hosts Benefit At SoHo Mews

by Chiara Atik · October 13, 2009

    They've been known to save straight men from the horrors of poor grooming, but last night, Carson Kreesley and Ted Allen opted to save children instead at Save The Children Benefit, held at Esquire SoHo. There they were joined by the very busy cast of Ugly Betty (who were at the NY Times earlier in the evening), and Peter Sarsgaard and Tim Morehouse.  Drinks were provided by Master Mixologist Alex Ott of Sushi Samba and Buddha Bar--and by the way, I really hope that he insists on everyone always addressing him by his full title of Master Mixologist, like, "I'm Master Mixologist Alex Ott, pleasure to meet you."

    Peter Sarsgaard                            America Ferrera

    Tim Morehouse, Jason Rogers               Becki Newton

    Ted Allen                                           Carson Kressley

    Tony Plana                                      Vanessa Williams

    Master Mixologist Alex Ott                 Vera Farmiga