Scott At The Botanical Gardens Christmas Gala, The Highlight Of The Socialite's Christmas Party Season

by SCOTT BUCCHEIT · December 8, 2008

    [Paul Johnson-Calderon, Carrie Baker, Gillian Hearst-Simonds, Jules Kirby and Scott Buccheit]

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    Friday night we attended what is surely the highlight of the Socialite's Christmas party season, the Botanical Gardens Christmas Gala sponsored by Chanel.   We joined our hosts the lovely Gillian Hearst Simonds and her adorable husband Christian Simonds, along with friends Carrie Baker and Teddy Daunno on the ride to the Bronx.  Once inside we were in awe of how beautiful the space was.  There were lights all over the place as well as the Botanical Gardens Annual model train/New York landmark exhibit.  It truly felt magical.  We mixed and mingled for the cocktail party on the narrow trails leading around the exhibit   We were as nervous as long tailed cats in a house full of rocking chairs as all the ladies had beautiful flowing gowns with long trains, and we found ourselves tiptoeing around to avoid stepping on them and excusing ourselves more than once for actually doing it.

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    Once dinner was called the situation was better as the dining area was a wide hall with plenty of room to move about.  The main dining room was done up all in white and our table was right off the dance floor next to the DJ booth. Our table included our group as well as Paul Johnson Calderon, Jules Kirby and Elizabeth Meigher.  Dinner was delicious and after sponsors were thanked and chair members were congratulated the real fun of the night started as the dancing begun.  We shook and shimmied with Emma Snowdon-Jones, Martin Dawson, Dan Ragone, Byrdie Bell, Nina Garcia, Tiffany Koury and countless other old money doyennes.

    Afterwards we headed to the Eldridge, tuxedos and all.  We were joined by Tara Church, Mike Dunn, Jason Lawrence, Tim Morehouse and many others.  An amazing night was had by all.

    Carrie Baker, Scott Buccheit

    [My Afternoon At The Botanical Gardens]