Hanley And Trannies

by SCOTT BUCCHEIT · June 4, 2008

    Scott Bucheit Naeem Elbridge

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    Gotta love New York City. One minute you are sipping champagne with the creme de la creme of society, the next you are doing shots while watching a midget, tranny stripper give a lap dance. But I am getting ahead of myself, let me start from the beginning....

    Last night, we ventured uptown, way uptown (74th street between 2nd and 3rd) for our friend Nicole Hanley's store opening. The store is simply called Hanley. I would love to tell you how charming the store is and how beautiful the clothes are but I simply can't. Not that they weren't, I simply could not see anything due to the throngs of people there.

    We thought we were going to a quiet little store opening, we were wrong! It was a virtual who's who of the upper crust, and once the store got a little too crowded, the party moved to the street. Poor lovely Nicole, running around grabbing everybody's champagne and pouring them into Dixie cups to ensure that nobody got arrested! Of course the news on everybody's lips was the Page 6 post that day reporting on NIcole's new romance with Matthew Mellon. We don't read Page 6 so we had to go home and catch up!

    We hobnobbed with Nicole's co-hostess, the always beautiful Gillian Hearst while she entertained guests including: Sarah Basile and Whitney Mcgurk (the unicorn!), Jamie Korey, Chris Brady, Eric Richman, Richard Thomas and wife Tammy, Billy Farrell, Douglas Marshall, Stephanie H, Stephanie Wei, Neville Dwek, Kipton Cronkite, Annabelle Vartanian, Jaizen Homiller, Peter Davis and countless others.

    We then headed downtown for a little bite at Balthazar with the lovely Carrie Baker, as well as Laura Manno Smyth and Josh Benitez. After dinner, we headed to the new hotspot, Origine, for PR diva, Tyler Burrow's Birthday soiree. Before we even hit the door, the ever observant Jaizen grabbed us by the arms to bring us straight to the birthday boy. One of Tyler's clients, Pink vodka, sponsored the event and even made a special Tylertini in his honor. (Love Pink-they sponsored mine and Naeem's Birthday party this year!)

    We danced, mixed and mingled with our friends Erica Taylor, Tara Fougner, Stephanie Shaw, Sarah Cunningham, James Goll and Ali Puluti. Then came the moment we all waited for, the birthday cake. Of course this being Tyler's birthday it wasn't simply brought out with candles on, It was delivered by a midget, tranny stripper! The funniest part was that Tyler was blindfolded prior and when the blindfold was taken off, he gave an "oh is that's it" look that only Tyler can give.

    Another great night.