Scott Does The Seeds Of Peace Event With Ivanka Trump, Our Favorite Olympic Fencers, And Some Gossip Girls

by SCOTT BUCCHEIT · February 23, 2009

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    Thursday found me at the Seeds of Peace Market held at Cipriani Wall Street. The Event was hosted by Ivanka Trump and featured a replica of a world market where various foods, drinks, and goods were displayed and sold. Seeds of Peace was founded in 1993 by journalist John Wallach, and is dedicated to empowering young leaders from regions of conflict with the leadership skills required to advance reconciliation and coexistence. The Organization basically hosts programs where Palestinians, Israelis, Egyptians and other teenagers from the Middle East, work together with the goal of realizing how much they have in common. The hope being, that as they mature into adulthood and take leadership positions they will be more empathetic in their dealings with others in their region. I attended the event as a guest of Olympians Tim Morehouse and Jason Rogers. [Posts by Tim and Jason]

    Upon arrival we were walked up to the VIP section where we met up with the night's hostess Ivanka Trump. We grabbed a drink and then actually ate at an event! I never miss the food at a event at a Cipriani's, because the catering is always the best in the city. We then mixed and mingled with the crowd. I was excited when I heard we were about to meet with the Gossip Girls, a little less so when I realized it wasn't Leighton or Blake, but the girls who play their syncophants on the show, including Amanda Setton, Nicole Fiscella, Yin Chang and Dreama Walker. The girls were perfectly lovely and we actually spent a good chunk of the evening with them.

    I was also introduced to Miss New York, the disconcertingly southern Leigh-Taylor Savannah Smith. She was accompanied by her date, John de Triquet. She was as sweet as can be and we had a great time laughing, sharing pageant stories and making Tim and Jason nervous as they were about to be sold for the silent  auction. The auction featured a lot of great items but we were only concerned with Tim and Jason who were auctioning off a private fencing lesson. When their time came they actually went for a very respectable $1,000.

    Afterward we were entertained by some performances and the emcee was especially thrilled to announce the largest pop star in Pakistan. Unfortunately I didn't catch the name but we did enjoy the show.