Serena Williams Proves She's A Good Sport, After All

by Chiara Atik · September 17, 2009

    [All photos by CHANCE YEH for PMc]. Serena Williams bounced back like a tennis ball after her outburst at the US Open on Saturday. Last night she mingled with Mary J.Blige, Alicia Keys, Donald Trump, Devon Aoki, Leigh Lezark, Mark Ronson and LeBron James, and as far as we know, she didn't threaten to kill a-one of them! In fact, Serena seemed to be in a great mood all night, chatting and joking with The Donald, and proving that winning isn't everything. More story and photos below...

    The illustrious group was assembled at the 5th Avenue Gucci Store at an event for Ffawn, The Mary J.Blight And Steve Stoute Foundation For the Advancement of Women Now, Inc., a really worthwhile foundation with a really terrible acronym. Estelle was also there, continuing her tour of New York City. Also on her to-do list for the trip? Broadway, Shopping, A Cafe, The Subway, Your Hood, and Brooklyn (where she'd like to see what's good).

    Donald Trump, Serena Williams    Dani Stahl, Leigh Lezark

    Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige                    Devon Aoki, LeBron James

    Mark Ronson                                    Estelle

    Mary J. Blige, Estelle, Russell Simmons  Fonzworth Bentley, Faune Chambers

    Edward Barsamian, Cornelia Ercklentz   Daniella Vitale, Mary J. Blige