Simply Chic PR And Derek Warburton Boost SoHo Shopping With A Boozy Brunch

by SARAH MANDATO · May 18, 2009

    [Britten Heft, Stephanie Newhouse, Derek Warburton, Jen Marden. All photos by ZACH HYMAN for PMc].

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    Simply Chic Public Relations and stylist Derek Warbuton of Derek Loves Shopping hosted a brunch at Room 18 to encourage a little SoHo spending, assisting smaller neighborhood stores in recession survival. While sipping on Shopaholic Sangria, SiLex, Alexandra Alexis, Adrien Field, Stephanie Newhouse and Tia Walker brought the party mood back to throwing down the plastic. Francois van Kempen, Simon van Kempen, Derek Warburton, Johan van Kempen, Alex McCord

    Derek Warburton, Adrien Field, Jen Marden, Stephanie Newhouse, Britten Heft

    Jessica Land, Derek Warburton, Patrycja Ward, Alexandra Alexis, Derek Warburton

    Ashley Marie, Mario Corrares Jr.

    Alisa Post, Gesche Haas, Naomi Hirabayashi, Jacki Johnson, Kristen Vang

    Lenny Emery, Ashley Marie, Derek Warburton, Ashley Foster, Mario Corrares Jr.

    Melanie Moore, Keino Benjamin, Alexandra Alexis, Sabrina Chapman, Derek Warburton, Justine McCarthy

    Alex McCord, Tia Walker