Soho Fashion & Art: Shop Kirna Zabête's Spring Collection & View Ashley Longshore's Daring Pop Art

"Fuck is my favorite word," says Ashley Longshore on her Insta. And how would the pop artist describe her work? "Fuckin' amazing!" She pays her taxes, and this Louisiana painter is going to use her American freedom of speech to say and make whatever she wants. Yes, that's Anna Wintour as "Blessed Mother" carrying Hermès and Louboutin as doves carrying Chanel adorn her. (Homage or a statement on how we idolize the most powerful fashion editor in the world?) And yes, that's Abraham Lincoln wearing a "Who The Fuck is Jay Z" shirt. But the colorful, gifted artist also creates breathtaking portraits of Audrey Hepburn—elevating her epic feminine beauty to new romantic glory.

Why should a woman box herself in? Just ask Kirna Zabête owners, Sarah Easley and Beth Buccini, who are currently showing Longshore's artwork on the walls of their chic SoHo boutique. Fashion and art! Why not? Pop in there to shop their well-edited collection—we've got five picks here for you—and to pick up a little something about art. And consider investing. "Ashley's art is unique and special. Her work will only increase in value over time," confirms GofG's art connoisseur, Kristina Lopez.