Something to Beam(Green) About At Tavern On The Green

by THERESA WON · April 23, 2009

    [Chefs Doris Choi and Natalia Rose] After having a mini-breakdown over our latest energy bill, my roommates and I decided it was definitely time to get serious about reducing our huge carbon footprint. After all, it will be swimsuit season before you know it - a perfect time to get in shape both physically and environmentally.  Last night, BeamGreen offered the perfect occasion to get on the right track to becoming a healthier, hotter, greener you at Tavern on the GreenPlenty of nourishing snacks and drinks were dished out by Detox The World Delivers chefs Natalia Rose and Doris Choi, along with some great Earth Day tips on how to be eco-friendlier to your mind, body, and the world from BeamGreen founding director, Mary Boehmer. Guests