Somewhat Refined Heirs Celebrate Unruly Heir

by DOUGLAS MARSHALL · May 9, 2008

     “Port Authority to Palm Beach”

    Go HERE for more photos from this event by Etta Shon

    Last night Bloomingdales Downtown (YES, the downtown Bloomies) was buzzing with socials, artists, performers, PR Impresarios, Entrepreneurs, Dapper Dandies and Chic Chicks to celebrate Unruly Heir's Spring/Summer 2008 collection "Port Authority to Palm Beach". The line was inspired by a bus trip that Unruly Designers Joey Goodwin and Curtis Rose took on Greyhound (yea, the bus) from Port Authority in New York to Palm Beach. Better them than me!

    A trip of this magnitude provides the perfect juxtaposition: taking a low budge bus to a preppy playground such as Palm Beach. That's exactly the concept behind Unruly Heir - Preppy goes street, preppy gets a little rough around the edges, a la hoods of Nantucket. Seersucker for gang bangers? Not exactly, but this line of clothes (for lack of a better more modern word) is dope. It's made for the hip and fresh well to doers, like maybe the junior set having a round of Maidstones at the Maidstone Club wearing a vest with a funky pattern on the back panel paired with Nantucket Red-ish pants featuring plaid trim, topped off with a hooded Seersucker blazer. What would Lilly Pulitzer say? Maybe "Welcome to the Club"!

    The event was sponsored by Sportswear International Magazine and imperial vodka and evian... and orchestrated by Heir Apparent PR's Kristian Laliberte and Timo Weiland. We got a special performance by The Prices Wright brother sister duo Brit Price and Virgil Price with Graham Smith - it pretty much kicked a**. The crowd was super fun and super good looking. Guest of a Guest got unruly with Angelina Ulanskas (Unruly Heir Designer), Joey Goodwin (Unruly Heir Designer), Unruly Sales Director Morten Davidsen and Jared Clark (the NEW George Hamilton), the fabulous Alessandra Balazs, striking designer Miguelina Gambaccini, Blackbook's Logan Elsass, Jewelry Designer Lizzie Fortunato, Actress Annabel Vartanian, Trend Predictor Kim Bates, Jen Novack and the whole famegame team were there too, dapper boy Charles Lorum, man about town Nick Dietz, always in scarfs Keith Lissner, with his muse, our own recently "outed" Rachelle Hruska, Guest of a Guest photog Etta Shon, Patrick McMullan bad boy David X Prutting and his saucy catch Chau Ngo, artist Serge Strosberg, Envirolutionist Stephanie Wei, Brett Galloway, Alan Goodwin, Robert Burke Associates wonderkids Kwesi Blair and Antonia Thompson and handsome couple Whitley Herbert, and David Herbert. Last but not least, I was getting down with Stanley Stuyvesant. I mean, some call him Prince, but I'm sure it was Stanley!