While flower crowns may have been the go-to accessory for pagan princesses and Coachella hippies in the past, the energy field is shifting - quite literally - to crystals. Whether you're a new age Gwyneth Paltrow type or a straight-up modern witch, chances are you've dabbled in the wellness trend this year, using crystals for everything from healing to, ahem, pleasure. It was only a matter of time before we harnessed them for fashion.

This summer, Instagram feeds and Etsy shops the world over have been filled with crystal crowns. Not only are they totally gorgeous (in a weirdly spiritual Disney princess kind of way), but they're also supposed to help you tap deeper into your consciousness during those magic moments you sport them. We can't think of a better accessory for the upcoming Full Moon Festival. And hey, even if you're skeptical, you can't deny that crystals are cooler than plastic flowers and glue.

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[Photo via @gemsandbonesjewelry]