Steve Lewis Helped Launch Isabel Toledo, Working On New LES Restaurant!

by Rachelle Hruska · January 27, 2009

    This vintage invitation from the 1984 Bayou Bash put on by our favorite Steve Lewis showed up in my mailbox (as in physical mailbox) today with the surprising tag: "Steve Lewis helped launch Isabel Toledo."  Well, well, well...Isabel Toledo, or "Isy" Toledo as she went by back then, seemed to have been the leading designer at this "New Orleans Fashion Show." She has now, of course, hit it BIG when Michelle Obama chose her dress for inauguration day. I called Steve as soon as I received it....

    He couldn't believe this turned up and so I told him to head over and take a look at it for himself.  We had a great chat about how much fun he had producing this event, and how he even went on to commission Isabel's husband, Ruben, to do paintings which hung on the walls at Limelight. Then, he let me in on some newer NEWS:


    Steve is currently working on a new space on Orchard and Rivington, set to open in about 9 weeks.  It is set to be a completely new restaurant (they already have the liquor license) by a new crew with a famous "Top Chef" manning the kitchen.  God this guy never stops!  The paint has barely dried on Webster Hall, the parties are still going on at Aspen Social Club, and now he's at it again.  We will keep you posted on the progress, design, and menu of the space as they develop.  For now, the only thing he could tell me is that the design looks somewhat like the retro gap sweater I was donning (photo at left). We can't wait!