You know that woman on the street, the very passing image of whom makes you completely rethink your sartorial potential and overall life priorities? That woman is Susan Magrino. The Founder & CEO of Magrino PR, Susan looks every bit the success that she is. In a world of athleisure loving startups, and business "casual" dress codes, her daily catalogued ensembles serve as an inspiration for what sophisticated New York style is at its highest form. Even close friend Martha Stewart counts her as a style reference.

Good luck not losing yourself in her rabbit hole of an Instagram feed, filled with fun snaps of her greeting the day in her ever-changing, ever-chic look du jour. With a distinctly uptown style and a pinch of Palm Beach flair, she restyles her favorites, comments on the story behind tracking down that heaven of a handbag, and even gives you a note or too on her schedule ahead.

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[Photo via @susanmagrino7]