You can pretend all you want that you don't read horoscopes, and think that Earth, Wind and Fire are just an old band and nothing more, but first off, you're totally lying, and second, you're doing yourself a disservice. Jewelry line Talis Elements is all about reflecting and harnessing the powerful elements of the universe within yourself. And of course being the most beautifully accessorized person in the room.

To rid yourself of any negativity, a gorgeous Amethyst ring surely can't hurt. And to help welcome success and self-confidence to come your way, why not give Citrine a try? Founder and Designer Natalie Solak's collection of colorful talismans is thoughtfully sourced from and created by artisans from some of the most remote corners of the world. Each bracelet, earring and necklace is completely unique, bearing a story and intention not only in its stones, but in the hands that crafted it.

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