The Best Dressed Guests: Week Of August 1st

by Chiara Atik · August 6, 2010

    Everyone knows that the best part about going out is getting dressed up, and the attendees at the parties Guest of a Guest covers usually do this with aplomb. Here are the people (and outfits) who made an impression on us this week?

    First Place: Devil With The Blue Dress On

    Is the little blue dress this summer's version of the LBD? We never knew we felt so strongly about blue dresses until we started consistently picking them for our Best Dressed lists. We were instantly drawn to this outfit because of the color, but if you look closer, the construction is also...interesting. (In a good way, we decided!)

    She's sort of like a modern day Cinderella, running late for the Intermix Ball, so the Fairy Godmother only had time so half-finish her gown.

    Probably only a model could pull something like this off, so we won't be mimicking the look any time soon, but "Bright Blue Dress That Will Really Pop In Pictures" just made it to the top of our shopping list....

    Full Gallery HERE, event write-up HERE

    Second Place: Sayonara, Baby

    Ever see that Marlon Brando movie from 1957, Sayonara? Well, it's pretty hot. You know what else is pretty hot? This outfit.

    It's SO Japonica-chic, so summery, and so striking. Look at those little ankle strap shoes! Also love the whole "stick random flowers/feathers/objects in your hair" thing.

    I mean, it worked for Marlon Brando.

    Full Gallery HERE, event write up HERE.


    Third Place: Stripes And Floral at Via Spiga Anniversary

    Stripes and floral! Daring! A more boring dresser would pair this breezy striped dress with neutral heels or sandals, but this girl switches it up with kicky red heels, which she matches to her citrus-colored floral clutch (which matches her pedicure.)

    Also, check out her cute earrings. Her accessories alone made her an obvious choice for this list!

    Full Gallery HERE, event write-up HERE






    Honorable Mentions

    We like how both of these girls (snapped at the Intermix Party) were able to take black and white and make it interesting.

    Best Heeled Guests Of The Week?

    And the trend of the week, given the hair pieces and the citrus with stripes and killer shoes:

    When it comes to accessories, go big or go home!

    [From Life of Fire]

    [From 'One Flight Up' Book Signing]