The Best Dressed Guests: Week Of August 8, 2010

by Chiara Atik · August 13, 2010

    Everyone knows that the best part about going out is getting dressed up, and the attendees at the parties Guest of a Guest covers usually do this with aplomb. Here are the people (and outfits) who made an impression on us this week?-

    First Place Geoff Bartakovics at Tasting Table's Born To Rum

    We've never had a male first place winner before, but this guy easily takes the spot for, oh, so many reasons. Let's start with the deep blue/bordering on violet jacket he is wearing. Uhm, can we get some more of that in New York fashion please? Bold colors like that are amazing on men.

    Shall we move on to his blue striped pocket square? He keeps it from looking too stuffy by forgoing the "perfectly folded" look, and just sort of jamming it in there, as if he thought to himself, while running out the door: "Wait! I might need a handkerchief."

    Moving right along, let's examine his mother effing green paisley shirt, which he remarkably manages to make look almost rugged by leaving the top button undone.

    And finally, our favorite accessory on this guy: the fact that he is casually holding a tumbler of what we imagine is rum, like Ernest freaking Hemingway or something.


    Event write-up HERE, full gallery HERE.


    Second Place: Sally Bowles Goes Tribal At Raffle Breakfast

    If Sally Bowles were alive today, she'd probably have left Berlin the second NYU kids started migrating there en masse, and would have headed to greener pastures. We can totally imagine her pulling pints in Mombasa, befriending all the locals, and wearing something fabulous, like this.

    Love the pageboy haircut, the safari print, and really really love the earrings.

    Also, is this girl wearing makeup, or should we be really, really jealous of her glowing, rosy complexion? We can't tell.

    Full Gallery HERE, event write up HERE.





    Third Place: Laces and Ruches at the Deivie Launch Party

    We swear, we picked this girl for the outfit and not the enviable hair.

    After some careful examination, we discovered that the outfit is not, as we first thought, a skirt and shirt, but rather a nude dress with a lace front panel.

    After even further careful examination, we decided that the BACK of the dress is made out of thin, gauze-y material, and may even have a cutout of some sort. Sadly we don't have a picture of that.

    Pairing up lace and shimmer fabric could potentially be a disaster, but this outfit is saved by the neutral colors, the minimal accessories, and, let's face it: the enviable hair.

    Full Gallery HERE, Event write up HERE




    Honorable Mentions: Pauline Kim and Eimear Varian Barry

    We like BOTH of these outfits, even though they're so different.

    Pauline keeps a pretty flower dress from looking too prim for a Jelly Pool Party by belting it, leaving it unbuttoned (risque, Pauline!), and chunky low heels. She even manages to make her LV bag look sporty, and gold bangles? Yes, Pauline. Yes.

    Eimear, on the other hand, (which, by the way, is an Irish name that can be traced back to the Gaelic god "Emer", who was said to possess the six gifts of womanhood) (yes, we looked it up) goes for an edgier look with a pieced together tie-dye shirt, hand band, intense eye make-up, an intensely fringed bag, and intense 19th century booties. Paired with jorts. We couldn't pull it off, Eimear, but you totally did.

    Full gallery HERE, event write-up HERE



    Other Things We Liked This Week

    Our love of LB(lue)Ds is well documented...


    But this week we also loved all the Greys and Metallics...


    And the yellows....


    And this girl, who combined both!