The Best Dressed Guests: Week Of July 25th

by Chiara Atik · July 30, 2010

    Everyone knows that the best part about going out is getting dressed up, and the attendees at the parties Guest of a Guest covers usually do this with aplomb. Here are the people (and outfits) who made an impression on us this week?

    First Place: Kyleigh Kunn As A Young Betty Draper

    Uhm, have you noticed it's Mad Men week on this site? Yesterday, we hypothesized that the young Betty Drapers of today hang out at The Standard. How completely awesome then, that model Kyleigh Kunn waltzed into last night's Missoni Party at Le Bain and basically proved us right!

    What we noticed about Kunn though was not her resemblance to a young Betty Draper, but her stunning cut out shirt. And then we noticed her knockout accessories, her long khaki skirt (it is NOT easy to make khaki look fresh), her casual bun. And lastly, we noticed the fact that in most of our pictures of her, Kunn seems to be dancing or twirling with her skirt, and an outfit that makes you want to dance is obviously the best kind of outfit at all.

    Nicely done, Kyleigh; just stay away from those Don Drapers and find yourself a nice Harry Crane instead.

    Full Gallery HERE;

    Second Place: Pretty In Teal At The SPIN Anniversary Party

    Skirts are sort of underrated, you know? Most people usually opt for dresses when going out, are at the very most a miniskirt,  but our first and second place winners this week prove that fuller, longer skirts are a perfect-for-summer option. Especially when in a bright fun color. Especially when paired with a tank that has...what looks like a cannon blowing hearts out of it. Especially when the outfit is paired with massive glittery platforms, which are total Kumoniwanaleiya shoes (sound it out.)


    Full Gallery HERE: Event Write-up HERE.

    Third Place: Girl With Huge Sense Of Irony At Party For Pelicans

    On Wednesday night, environmentally conscious New Yorkers partied at The Wooly to raise money for endangered species, which is why we have to sort of applaud this girl for showing up with a feathered boa and what really looks like a snakeskin purse.

    Perhaps her boa was made, not from dying Gulf animals, but from the geese recently killed around Manhattan? Waste not want not!

    In truth, we've never seen anyone wear a feather boa unironically (mostly just members of the red hat society), and we think she actually pulls it off. But really, we just love the (intentional or unintentional) irony of wearing a feather boa to a fundraiser for Gulf Coast Pelicans.

    Full Gallery HERE, Event Write-Up HERE

    Honorable Mentions: Zebra Stripes

    If you wear striped pants to an event....

    ...we will definitely put you on our site.