This fashion-filled weekend took a heartbreaking turn for many influencers in the blogging community. Style star Kyrzayda Rodriguez, who had been battling stage 4 stomach cancer, passed away on Sunday. A fierce fighter through and through, Kyrzayda continued posting for her followers through treatment, telling Refinery29, "There were many times while I was lying in bed in pain that I thought that this was it and that I wasn't going to get up anymore. I wanted to stop everything, but then that meant I was stopping a big part of me."

She embraced the battle before her, and opted not to wear a wig - "because I want people to see me as I am. A Fighter." 

Back in August she announced that she would no longer be undergoing treatment in order to enjoy her time with her friends and family in as little pain as possible.

Beautiful inside and out, Kyrzayda remained positive through her journey and shared wonderful words of inspiration. Our thoughts go out to her fans, friends, and loved ones, who have been sharing tributes on social media.

[Photo via @kyrzayda_]